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Who Are 

Horizon Eye is a collection of Hyper Advanced and Futuristic security solutions. Our collection of products are built to secure various environments such as Automotive, Commercial/ Residential and Cyber. 

Divided into sectors, we built our collection without constrictions. A collection that invites in the future, for the safety of today.


Secure everything from your vehicle, children in school, first responders and electronic data.


Our Automotive Sector is the introduction of our collection of solutions.

This sector contains hyper intelligent solutions that eliminate threats against your personal and fleet vehicles. 

The first step to the ultimate protection is the Horizon Eye mobile app.

Image of Horizon Eye mobile application

Stay Connected and Protected 

Vehicle break ins are a huge problem in our communities and in cities across America.

The app uses various different data metrics within its location to

  • Notify you of break ins, so you can secure your vehicle.

  • Neutralize vehicle break ins

  • Consolidate the rate of frequency

  • Predict areas that will be potentially affected

  • Predict what vehicles are at risk to be targeted in that location. 

The application changes what it looks out for to keep you better protected wherever you go. 

Our application has a vast amount of capabilities, that put the power directly into your hands. Take the first step into the future, and secure your environment starting with your vehicles.

A New Perspective 

Everyday, new technology pushes us further into the future. Our products remove the barrier and explore wild imaginative capabilities.


Be apart of the transition. Explore the powerful and exciting new futuristic possibilities of security. 

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We create the future of security in the modern world

Next gen security technology is key to combating the advancing security threats.

Horizon Eye builds without rules and pulls directly from the future. Each Phase Release introduces breaking edge solutions and next gen products that effectively secure environments and shatters old perspectives.

Robotic Arm



17+ unreleased, next gen products and resources 


3 collections released in seperate Phases 


Tactical defence weapons in development 

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